Scheduled Maintenance in Whitehall, WI

Periodically your vehicle requires service to help maintain it’s performance, durability and dependability. An oil change is the most performed and thought of service performed. An oil change is done to help keep the inside of the engine clean and lubricated. Often overlooked and forgotten about are the other components that require lubricants to function properly. On your vehicle this could include transmission, transfer-case, differentials, supercharger, power steering, braking system, the engine cooling system or hydraulic clutch. All of these systems require service at sometime just like the engine oil. Due to different types of fluids used by various manufactures, service intervals may vary. Other non-lubricated items also require periodic service such as an air filter, fuel filter, timing belt, accessory drive belts and hoses. Your vehicle’s owners manual can provide a good reference as to when some of the items should be done.